New Trail Maps are to the right.  Click to enlarge.  Both races share many of the same trails.  The course will be marked wth signs throughout.  Please pay attention so you do not get off course.

10-MILER                                                               5-MILER

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We feel Medoc Mountain State Park is one of the most beautiful places to run on the east coast.  Take a look at the galery of photos below and we think you will agree.  


Section 1 (1.3 miles) 

Initially, start near the main Picnic Shelter parking lot and run to the main park entrance and turn back at the coned off loop marker. This out and back section allows for runners to spread out. Note: Marathoners will not run this section.

Difficulty: Very Easy - all paved

Section 2: (1.2 miles)

Turn left off of the park road, and run across the main field. There is an aide station before entering the woods. Runners will enter the the first half of the Discovery Loop Trail. This is generally a flat section as well. Mainly a single track trail, but frequently wide enough room to run two abreast. The trail leads down to Little Fishing Creek where runners will cross a wide foot bridge.

Difficulty: Easy - Fresh legs and flat ground!

Section 3 (1.4 miles) 

Cross bridge, turn sharp left onto Damn Site Trail over a series of short ups and downs. Cross over Spring Branch where single track trail becomes very challenging. Climb to the Medoc Mountain summit. Although the summit is not too high, this is the most difficult portion of the race. Choose your footing carefully, and take a walk break if needed (Oxygen not needed). Difficulty: Hard - A steep incline plus loose footing makes the climb a real challenge


Section 4 (2.3 miles)

At the top, follow the Summit Loop Trail down the jeep trail for a very wide, long, and flat section. At the end of the jeep road there will be another aid station for runners. Turn right off jeep road and on to single-track trail again, for another series of rolling hills, finally turning back down to Little Fishing Creek.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate - The easy jeep trail is a welcome site for tired legs. The trail back to the creek can be tricky if you don't pay attention

Section 5 (1.0 mile) 

Cross back over the main foot bridge at Little Fishing Creek around mile 6. You will join back to the second half of the Discovery Loop, where you make a gentle climb back towards the main picnic shelter. The trail can be a little rooty, so keep your eyes open. There is an aid station waiting for you at the top.

Difficulty: Easy - Trails are generally easy, but tired legs might make it more challenging.

Section 6 (2.8 miles) 
Proceed down Bluff Loop trail along Little Fishing Creek. The first mile of this trail is smooth, flat and easy. The trail continues with numerous short but steep ups and downs. You will cross over multiple bridges, and even down some steep stairs along the way. These are some of the funnest trails in the park to run! Join the campground road and follow the marked course through the campsite back to the park entrance road. Cross the road to the field, and followed the marked course to the finish line.

Difficulty: Moderate - 1st mile on trails is flat and smooth, 2nd mile is more technical



Note: The difficulty listed above is all relative to the Medoc Park. Trail runners have told us as a whole this is a Easy to Moderate trail. We listed difficulties above to help you understand where the challenging portions of the course are.