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The Medoc Trail Races was created in 2008 as a fun "runner-first" trail event.  Our goal was to invest everything possible back into the race to give runners a one-of-a-kind experience.  This includes everything from beautiful long sleeve tech shirts and custom race medals to free camping, awesome volunteers, and our annual Finisher's Surprise.  Each year we try to get just a little better, and our runner feedback help to confirm that.  Our committee consists of four Rocky Mount Endurance Club members who volunteer their time to make this event work.  We hope that once you try Medoc you will love it as much as we do.

The Medoc trail event is comprised of two different races: a 10-Miler, and a 5-Miler.  All runners will share the same start and finish area, and will run on similar courses. The 10 Milers will get the added beauty of the mountain bike trails and the summit loop.  


After a very brief stint on the park roads the remainder of the race takes place on the trails through a series of loops. Runners will then enjoy fantastic views as they run close to nature, passing over and beside waterways, up and down hills, and if you are very lucky you may even see Medoc himself. Just be careful not to make him angry or give him food.


This event is located at Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, North Carolina, and will challenge runners as they traverse wooded trails, many of which are single track. Come enjoy the amazing views while testing your endurance.

Stick around after the race for soup, hot doggs, fellowship and live blue grass music from Rollin Coal.

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$60 - 10-MILER (8:30 AM)

You are invited to join us at the 17th annual Medoc 10-Miler. We see both aggressive racers looking for an age group victory, and first timers in this event. This race will sell out in three hours or less, so we encourage runners to enter early. 


Finishers receive a long sleeve shirt, a well-supported course, and post-race food. In addition, they will receive a finishers medal that is unique to the 10-mile event, and a "finisher's surprize" item as well. This is a great race introduction to trail racing. Encourage your friends to try the 10-miler and prove to them you are not as crazy as people think you are. 

$50 - 5-MILER (8:45 AM)

If the 10-Miler sounds like too much for you, you are invited to do the brand new Medoc 5-Miler. Runners will utilize many of the same trails as the 10-mile route, but will avoid the climb of the Summit loop.


Finishers are entitled to all of the race benefits as the 10-Miler, which includes a race shirt (short sleeve for the 5M), a well-supported course, and post-race food. They will receive a finishers medal that is unique to the 5-mile event and a "finisher's surprize" item. This is a great race introduction to trail racing. Encourage your friends to try the 5-miler.  This race starts at 8:45 am, to allow a clear trail for runners.

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One place we do not skimp is on race swag!


We pride ourselves on being one of the best values in racing.  All runners will recieve long sleeve shirt, customized race numbers complete with your trail name, finisher's medal, stocked aid stations, post race food, and our annual finisher's surprise.  


The gallery to the right shows you some images captured by our past runners showing off their Medoc swag!



1) We do not allow dogs, skates, bikes or baby joggers on the race course. Well. . .actually, you can wear skates if you want to, because we would love to see someone try it.


2) It is not a rule, but we prefer headphones are not worn, as Medoc hates music. The last person who ran by Medoc with an Ipod, has never been seen again.  If you can't run without music, please keep your volume low.  Becuase we have thre races going on at the same time, we want to make certain you are aware of your surroundings and can hear other runners and the instructions of the volunteers.


3) No alcohol is allowed in the park beyond a reserved campsite. The last time Medoc got drunk he knocked down 53 trees in the park, and it took weeks to clean things up.


4) Runners must cover the entire course on foot. Medoc has been known to offer piggy back rides to the occasional hiker. Any runner found receiving a piggy back ride will be disqualified from the race and denied a finishers medal. In short. . . stay away from Medoc.


5) Park Officials, Race Director, the Race Committee, and Medoc himself reserve the right to reject an application or remove any participant from the course at our discretion. In addition EMT can remove any individual that in their professional opinion physically should not continue the race.

6) All race entries are final. No refunds will be provided should you have to cancel.

7) Transfer of race numbers is strictly prohibited. Anytime a runner uses another person's number, it causes concern for a race director. For your safety, we need to know who is in the race, and who should be contacted in the event of an emergency. In addition race results are adversely affected from this, which can cause awards errors in a small race. Please help us enforce this rule, by not giving your number away.

8) Runners should not chase any rabbits, squirrels, fish, or unicorns in the woods. This could disrupt the hunting habits of Medoc.

9) There are no pacers or bandits allowed in the race. Any runner found on the trail without a number will be removed.  Because of the size and technical nature of the trails, it is important that we stay within the race limits. Any extra runners entering the trails takes away from those that paid to race.

10) Don't run with raw meat in your pockets, unless your intent is to lure Medoc out from his hiding place to tackle you.

11) At times during the race, you will run on single track trails. Show courtesy to runners when passing, by announcing your arrival behind them. When getting passed, do your best to move to one side of the trail to allow the faster runner by. This will help ensure a safe race for everyone. If you do encounter a hiker on the trail, please follow the same rules when passing them.

12) If you are being chased by Medoc, sound the warning alarm, by blowing hard into the nearest conch shell you can find. The low pitch sound of a conch shell bothers Medoc's tender ears, and he will normally retreat into hiding. Needless to say, conch shells are hard to find in the woods, so runners are encouraged to bring their own shell. These will not be provided by the race committee.

13) Staying on the course is your responsibility. If you get off the official course, you must return to the point of your error and pick up the race course from there.

14) Runners will pass aid stations at least three times during each loop. Aid stations will be well stocked with water, Gatorade, and gels. Because of the nature of trail runs, it is not possible to set up aid every two miles like a traditional road race. If you feel you will need aid more often, please bring your own water bottle, or hydration system. We will be happy to help you fill your bottles. October can bring hot or cold weather, so please pay attention to the weather forecasts, and use your best judgement.

15) In the result of a tie or a dispute, we will defer to the OCNR (Official Chuck Norris Rules).  Chuck Norris always wins, and Chuck Norris is always right.  If a tie still exists, we will use rock, scissors, paper to pick a winner.  Runners must supply their own rock, scissors, and/or paper.


All finishers will receive a medal. Overall awards will be given three deep in each of the Medoc trail races. Age Group awards are given as follows:


10-MILER  (5 Year Age Groups)

  • 14 and under

  • 15-19

  • 20-24

  • 25-29

  • 30-34

  • 35-39

  • 40-44

  • 45-49

  • 50-54

  • 55-59

  • 60-64

  • 65-69

  • 70-74

  • 75+


5-MILER  (10 Year Age Groups)

  • 9 and under

  • 10-14

  • 15-19

  • 20-29

  • 30-39

  • 40-49

  • 50-59

  • 60-69

  • 70+

There will be two award ceremonies starting with the 5 Milers. If you win an award or not, we hope you will stick around! We may need to your help to keep Medoc away from the finishers food


Have a question? Email us at

Q: Is there a race cap?
A: Yes. The total combined runners allowed is 500 for the event, and WE WILL SELL OUT EARLY. Much of the race is on single track trails, so we need to keep the race size small. We are not focused on becoming a super-sized race. . . we are focused on a quality race. Race committee reserves the right to stop accepting new registrations at anytime.

Q: Can I walk or "hike" this event?
A: Yes. If you are interested in walking or hiking, you are welcome to participate in the 5-miler, but not the 10-Miler. This will allow ample time for you to finish the event without the pressure of a cut-off time and also allows our volunteers to get home on time. 

Q: Can I get a refund, deferral, or a transfer if I can't run?
A: No. We are unable to offer a refunds, deferrals, or transfers should you have to cancel.

Q:When do the races start?
A: The 10-Miler begins promtly at 8:30 am. The 5 Milers will then all gather for a top secret line dance.  After that we will line up at the same starting line 8:45 am.  

Q: What is a "Trail Name"?
A: A Trail Name is the name you will be known by at the Medoc Trail Races. It will be printed on your bib, and used by volunteers. You don't have to create a Trail Name, but if you don't we will either a) make up one for you, or b) make endless fun of your lack of creativity.  This is one of the things that makes our race unique (and weird).

Q: Where can I pick up my race packet?
A: Early Packet Pickup will be available at Medoc Mountain State Park on Friday evening at the picnic shelter. Race day packet pickup will be available Saturday morning before the races begin at Medoc Mountain State Park.

Q: Can I register the morning of the race?
A: No. There is no race day registration. The race sells out early every year.

Q: Is the Medoc of Legend true?
A: Hell yes, and I am bringing my conch shell just in case.  If this FAQ confuses you, please visit our Legend page.  We assure you that every word is true.

Q: Is the course certified?
A: No. However, this course has been carefully measured by two runners and one freakishly annoying horse fly. Is it perfect?  No, but it is a trail race and we feel pretty good about the course we have created to challenge you.  

Q: Is there a cut-off time?
A: Yes. The generous cut-off time for the 10M is 3 hours and 20 minutes.  This is a 20 minute pace per mile.  With that said, we want all of our participants to give it their best effort and remember that we have volunteers that need to get home to their families.   Please aim to do your best and not to just meet the cut off time. 

Q: Is it true that dogs are better than cats?

A: Yes, and this question has nothing to do with the race.


Q: Will my GPS work at Medoc?
A: Doubtful. The races are held in October which means the trees will still be full of leaves. If you wear your GPS, you will most likely not have a signal the majority of the time. 

Q: Will the course be clearly marked? 
A: Bring your compass!  Just kidding.  Yes, trail are marked.  Runners will know they are on the race course at all times, and any turns will be clearly marked. Trails are marked with black signs that have orange arrows. Mile markers will be displayed on the course as well.

Q: What if I make a wrong turn?
A: You will look silly. . . .If you make a wrong turn on the course, you must return to the point of your error and resume the race. The course will be clearly marked, but this is a trail race. It is the runners responsibility to stay on course.

Q: What is the trail like?
A: Medoc Mountain State park has a mixture of trails. At some point the trails are wide, and at others it is a single track. The elevation varies, and there are some steep hills; most are short, but there is one challenging hill on the summit side. The terrain is smooth as far as trails go, with limited rocks and roots. Like any trail race, runners should take extra care with their foot placement during the race.  For complete details visit our Trails page.

Q: Will there be food after the race?
A: You bet there will! The race committee ha arranged post race food including fresh soup and grilled hot dogs and we want to make sure you enjoy it. 

Q: Will there be a bag check? 
A: Yes, in your own car. Parking for this race is right beside the start, so runners can easily leave their gear in their car.

Q: How cool will the medal and shirt be?
A: Pretty frick'en cool! If you don't believe us, read the reviews from last years runners!  We've also been awarded multiple times by Endurance Magazine as having the "Best Medal."

Q: Is this event chip timed?
A: Yes.  Timing will be provided by Clockwork Timing.

Q: What happens if it rains? 
A: We all get wet

Q: What happens if there is lightning? 
A: We delay the start. If we do not foresee a large enough time window to execute the race, the race will be canceled. It is not possible to reschedule due to the permits required, and several fixed costs that are all driven based on the date of the race.

Q: Will there be awards?
A: Yes. We will have awards for both Male and Female overall winners, Masters, and age group.  See our Awards section for more details.

Q: Is this the same race as Marathon du Médoc in France?
A: Non. Notre course est un événement de traînée dans le nord Caroline de Hollister. L'autre Medoc est une course de route en France.

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